Gravity offers variable pricing to keep things fair. What you pay each month is directly related to your usage.

  • First 1GB Storage or 10GB Bandwidth is Free ( No Credit Card Required ).
  • $0.06 Per 1GB Transfered in Pay Period* + Credit Card Processing Fees
  • Minimum: $0.50
  • Maximum: $5.00

Variable Pricing Calculation

The "$0.06 Per 1GB Transfered in Pay Period + Credit Card Processing Fees" calculations are based on the overhead costs of and the direct costs your account accrues for us. The Credit Card Processing Fees are currently $0.30 per transaction plus 2.9% of the transaction amount.

* The "$0.06 Per 1GB Transfered in Pay Period" pricing calculation may change later, but any change would be clearly explained to existing users in a direct email. We are committed to preserving both the minimum and the maximum costs per month, so those will not change.

Why the $0.50 Minimum?

Our infrastructure costs require a minimum cost to keep the service going. Our credit card processing service has a minimum charge value of $0.50, and so we have also adopted that as a minimum. You might notice that a good amount of usage will still be covered by the $0.50 monthly cost, and mostly only power users will see their cost higher than that.

Why the $5.00 Maximum?

Gravity want’s to keep things simple and provide an easy user experience. We think a solid maximum charge helps with that experience. We will not charge any user more than $5/month, so don’t worry about using the app on a large scale!